Job opportunities


Tagline Ottawa 21 August 2017:

We are looking for people with expertise in various aspects of the Rice Transformation and Transgenic Proteinated Flour development process for production of recombinant proteins. We have generated tag-technologies for PUROINDOLINE-purification, puro-fication, enabling affinity chromatography of proteins in air-streams. Our lab has transformed the production of recombinant proteins with patented processes for gene insertion and selective expression, followed by proprietary greenhouse propagation and pilot plant isolation and purification. Our patented processes yield grain that incorporates Pin-tag tethering of commercial proteins onto the starch granule 'carrier platform'. Through a series of precision milling and air classification steps we selectively isolate the protein with our patented Dry Phission™ reaction, all accomplished without the need for water thus avoiding unnecessary hydrolysis, degradation and loss of functionality or yield. Pin-tag tethering is being applied to a broad range of food enzymes, cosmeceuticals, crop protection antibodies, and industrial bio-catalysts. We are now moving these technologies into the development process, focusing on the commercialization of biocatalysts for applications in agrifood especially.


To strengthen and complement the current team we are looking for people with expertise in various aspects of the transgenic plant development process. Key positions contingent on funding include:

  • Molecular Biology Researcher
  • Rice Transformation Specialist
  • Powder Engineer.

Send application, cv, list of 3 references to Prof. Illimar Altosaar,

Protein Biotechnologies Lab, Dept of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology, University of Ottawa,, 451 Smyth Road, Ottawa K1H8M5, Canada   altosaar@uottawa.ca