Here we will provide links to recent papers in the field of molecular farming and plant metabolic engineering



Recombinant IgA production for mucosal passive immunization, advancing beyond the hurdles

Virdi, V. et al. Mol. Life Sci. 73, 535-545

Biomanufacturing of protective antibodies and other therapeutics in edible plant tissues for oral applications

Juarez, P. et al. Plant Biotechnol. J. 14, 1791-1799

Transient glyco-engineering to produce recombinant IgA1 with defined N- and O-glycans in plants

Dicker, M. et al. Front. Plant Sci. 7, 18
Molecular pharming-VLPs made in plants
Marsian, J. and  Lomonossoff, G. Current. Op. Biotechnol.37, 201-206
Plant-produced biopharmaceuticals: A case of technical developments driving clinical deployment
Lomonossoff, G. & D`Aoust,M. Science 353, 1237-1240

Tobacco as platform for a commercial production of cyanophycin

Nausch, H. et al. New Biotechnology 33, 842-851

Recombinant flavin-dependent halogenases are functional in tobacco chloroplasts without co-expression of flavin reductase genes

Fräbel, S. et al. Biotech. J., in press

Scalable Production of HPV16 L1 Protein and VLPs from Tobacco Leaves

Zahin, M. et al.


PLOS One 11(8):e0160995


Graphene Biosensor Programming with Genetically Engineered Fusion Protein Monolayers

Soikkeli, M. et al. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 8, 8257-8264

Protein Bodies in Leaves Exchange Contents through the Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Saberianfar, R. et al. Frontiers Plant Sci. 7, 693

Continuous Flow Separation of Hydrophobin Fusion Proteins from Plant Cell Culture Extract.

Reuter, L. et al. Methods Mol. Biol. 1385, 189-197

Novel hydrophobin fusion tags for plant-produced bi-functional fusion proteins

Reuter, L. et al. PLOS One

Plant-produced Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus nucleoprotein for use in indirect ELISA

Atkinson, R. et al. J. Virol. Methods
The case for plant-made veterinary immunotherapeutics Topp, E. et al. Biotechnol Adv. 34, 597-604

Rice endosperm produces an underglycosylated and potent form of the HIV-neutralizing monoclonal antibody 2G12

Vamvaka, E. et. al.

Plant Biotech. J. 14(1), 97-108

Production of Human papillomavirus pseudovirions in plants and their use in pseudovirion-based neutralisation assays in mammalian cells

Lamprecht, R.L. et al. Scientific Rep. 6, 20431

Rhizosecretion improves the production of Cyanovirin-N in Nicotiana tabacum through simplified downstream processing

Madeira, L.M. et al. Biotechnol. J.




Plant expression systems for early stage discovery and development of lead therapeutic antibodies

Virdi, V. et al. Antibodies 23, 37-43

Protein body formation in leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana: a concentration-dependent mechanism influenced by the presence of fusion tags

Saberianfar, R. Plant Biotech. J. 13, 927-937

In vitro and in vivo toxicity evaluation of plant virus nanocarriers

Blandino, A. et al.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 129,130-136

The Two-Faced Potato Virus X: From Plant Pathogen to Smart Nanoparticle

Lico, C. et al. Front. Plant Sci. 6:1009

Plant-Derived Chimeric Virus Particles for the Diagnosis of Primary Sjögren Syndrome

Tinazzi, E. et al.

Front Plant Sci. 6:1080

Standrads for plant synthetic biology: A common syntax for exchange of DNA parts Patron, N. et al. New Phytol. 208, 13-19

Engineering and expression of a human rotavirus candidate vaccine in Nicotiana benthamiana

Perra, F.F. et al. Virol. J. 12, 2015

Production of H5N1 influenza virus matrix protein 2 ectodomain protein bodies in tobacco plants and in insect cells as a candidate universal influenza vaccine. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology

Mbewana, S. et al. Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 3, 197

Clinical Safety and Immunogenicity of Tumor-Targeted, Plant-Made Id-KLH Conjugate Vaccines for Follicular Lymphoma

Tuse, D. et al. Biomed Res Int


High yield production of a human monoclonal IgG by rhizosecretion in hydroponic tobacco cultures

Madeira, L.M. et al. Plant Biotech. J. 14(2), 614-624

Regulatory approval and a first-in-human phase I clinical trial of a monoclonal antibody produced in transgenic tobacco plants

Ma, J.K.-C. et al.

Plant Biotech. J. 13(8),1106-1120


Tobacco seeds as efficient production platform for a biologically active anti-HBsAg monoclonal antibody

Hernández-Velázquez A. et al.

Transgenic Res. 24, 897-909

Using GlycoDelete to produce proteins lacking plant-specific N-glycan modification in seeds

Piron R. et al.

Nat. Biotechnol. 33, 1135-1137

Site specific proteolytic degradation of IgG monoclonal antibodies expressed in tobacco plants

Hehle, V. et.al.

Plant Biotech. J. 13:235-45

Comparison of VHH-Fc antibody production in Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana benthamiana and Pichia


de Meyer, T. et.al.

Plant Biotech. J. 1–10

A Top Ten list for economically important plant viruses

Rybicki, E.P.

Arch. Virol. 160, 17–20.

Techno-Economic Analysis of Horseradish Peroxidase Production Using a Transient Expression System in Nicotiana benthamiana

Walwyn, D.R. et al.

Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol., 1-14

Disposable bioreactors for the cultivations of plant cell cultures.

Lehmann, N. et. al.

In: Production of biomass and bioactive compounds using bioreactor technology

Commercialisation of new biotechnology: A systematic review of 16 commercial case studies in a novel manufacturing sector

Paul, M.J. et al. Plant Biotech. J. 13(8), 1209-1220



Plant-based solutions for veterinary immunotherapeutics and prophylactics Kolotilin, I. et al. Vet.Res. 45, 117

Characterisation of a plant-produced recombinant human secretory IgA with broad neutralising activity against HIV

Paul, M. et.al.

MAbs 6:1585-97

Mucosal delivery of antigen-coated nanoparticles to lungs confers protective immunity against tuberculosis infection in mice

Styleanou, E. et. al.

Eur. J. Immunol. 44:440-9

Plant Molecular Pharming for the Treatment of Chronic and Infectious Diseases

Stoger, E. et.al.

Annu. Rev.Plant Biol. 65: 743-768

Plant-derived recombinant immune complexes as self-adjuvanting TB immunogens for mucosal boosting of BCG

Pepponi, I. et. al.

Plant Biotech. J. 12:840-50

Engineering, expression in transgenic plants and characterisation of E559, a rabies virus-neutralising monoclonal antibody

van Dolleweerd, C.J. et. al.

J. Inf. Dis. 210:200-8

Molecular farming in tobacco hairy roots by triggering the secretion of a pharmaceutical antibody

Häkkinen, S.T. et. al.

Biotechnol. Bioeng. 111: 336-346

Metabolic flux phenotype of tobacco hairy roots engineered for increased geraniol production

Masakapalli,  et.al.

Phytochemistry 99: 73-85

Recombinant barley-produced antibody for detection and immunoprecipitation of the major bovine milk allergen, beta-lactoglobulin

Ritala, A. et. al.

Transgenic Res. 23: 477-487

The seco-iridoid pathway from Catharanthus roseus

Miettinen, K. et. al.

Nat. Commun. 5: 3606-3616

Evaluating tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. SR1) hairy roots for the production of terpenoid indole alkaloids

Ritala, A. et.al.

J. Biotechnol. 176: 20-28

Comparison of plant-based expression platforms for the heterologous production of geraniol

Vasilev, N. et. al.

Plant Cell Tiss. Organ Cult. 117: 373-380

Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus) cell culture with bioactive substances: Establishment and mass propagation for industrial use

Nohynek, L. et.al.

Eng. Life Sci. 14: 667-675

Boosting In Planta Production of Antigens Derived from the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome

Virus (PRRSV) and Subsequent Evaluation of Their Immunogenicity

Piron, R. et. al.

PLOS ONE 9:e91386

Single-Domain Antibodies Targeting Neuraminidase Protect against an

H5N1 Influenza Virus Challenge

Cardoso, F.M. et.al.

J.Virol. 88:8278

Nanobody-based products as research

and diagnostic tools

de Meyer, T. et.al.

Trends Biotechnol. 32:5

Trafficking of endoplasmicreticulum-retained recombinant proteins is unpredictable in Arabidopsisthaliana

de Meyer, T. and Depicker, A.

Frontiers in Plant Science

Generation of VHH antibodies against the Arabidopsis thaliana

seed storage proteins

de Meyer, T. et.al.

Plant Mol. Biol. 84:83

Human papillomavirus (HPV) type 16 E7 protein bodies cause tumour regression in mice.

Whitehead M. et al

BMC Cancer 14:367.

A modular cloning toolbox for the generation of chloroplast transformation vectors

Vafaee, Y. et al

PLOS One 9(10):e110222