Here you can find presentations of ISPMF members held during recent meetings and conferences

PBVAB 2015, Lausanne

- Johannes F. Buyel - Membrane filtration can substitute chromatographic purification steps for plant-derived and ELP-tagged biopharmaceutical proteins .pdf

- Alexandra Castilho - Production of alpha-1 antitrypsin in Nicotiana benthamiana plants stably expressing the mammalian sialylation pathway .pdf

- Ann Depicker - Molecular farming: comparing the use of 3 platforms with case studies .pdf

- Marcello Donini - Production of an anti‐CD20 immunocytokine for the treatment of Non‐Hodgkin lymphoma in N.benthamiana .pdf

- Jussi Joensuu - In-solution antibody capture with plant-made hydrofobin-Protein A fusions .pdf

- Jorge Palaci - Evaluating plants transformation strategies for multiple gene insertions .pdf

- Paloma Juarez Ortega - Engineering antibodies aimed for passive mucosal immunization against HRSV .pdf

- Miyoung Kim – Polymeric Immunoglobulin G Scaffold (PIGS) – Dengue Fusion Proteins as Vaccine Candidates .pdf

- Renate L Lamprecht - Human Papillomavirus Pseudovirions Produced in Plants .pdf

- Karen A McDonald - Production of Butyrylcholinesterase, a Nerve Agent Bioscavenger, in metabolically Regulated Transgenic Rice Cell Culture .pdf

- Rima Menassa - Vaccines for piglets: Porcine epidemic diarrhea and post-weaning diarrhea .pdf

- Ed Rybicki – Human Papillomavirus vaccines made in plants: a review .pdf

- Markus Sack - Plant rabies immunoglobulin (P-RIG) .pdf

- Szymon Stelter - Impact of glycoengineering on antibody Fc effector functions .pdf

- Richard Strasser - Update on mucin-type O-glycan engineering in plants .pdf

- Virdi – Advantages of plant expression systems for the rational design of oral therapeutics .pdf

- Larry Zeitlin/Hugh Haydon - Design and Testing of ZMapp™ & Manufacturing Challenges .pdf